●OR BAREKET / 33 / Enja Yellow Bird / IMPORT / CD / YEB7792 / 0767522779226 / 2,000円+税  



■Shachar Elnatan, guitar

Nitai Hershkovits, piano, keyboards

Or Bareket, bass

Daniel Dor, drums

Camila Meza, vocals, guitar

Eden Bareket, baritone saxophone

One of the most prominent bassists of his generation, Or Bareket has been in constant demand since moving to NYC nearly a decade ago. His rhythmic dexterity, fluent lyricism, propulsive beat, and compelling sound have made him a sought-after collaborator on the NY and global jazz scenes. Developing as a composer and leading his own bands was a natural evolution. Over the past few years Bareket has been carefully forging a cohesive, personal aesthetic that draws from his ancestral folklores, his lifelong study of Jazz and western classical music, and the influences of his peers, mentors, and collaborators. 33 is the sequel to ob1, Barekets well-received 2017 debut as a leader, and it goes farther and deeper than its predecessor in multiple directions. Nate Chinen of WBGO jazz referred to the previous album as ...music of rhythmic sophistication and lyrical depth...brimming with springy energies and smart details. 33 continues on the same artistic path with elaborate, detailed, and intricate compositions, but adds more layers of nuance and a wider emotional spectrum. The richness and complexity of tracks like Still searching or Vienna is contrasted by the intimacy and patience of Zamba De Argamonte - a duo interpretation for an Argentinian classic with Camila Meza on vocals. Various analog synthesizers like the Optigan invade the album at different moments, creating new soundscapes and dimensions on tracks like Feb 1st and the title track Thirty Three. This album is a meditation on life-cycles, transformations, the death and (re)birth of ideas, relationships, and people.. These melodies and rhythms were born as chants, as medicines, a compass, an anchor during a time of dramatic shifts in my life: endings and beginnings, grief and ecstasy, communion and isolation, wanderlust and homesickness.


  • 1. Still Searching
  • 2. Feb 1st
  • 3. Reginia
  • 4. Zamba de Argamonte
  • 5. Carmo Capricho
  • 6. W Schubert and Troy
  • 7. Vienna
  • 8. Yarkan
  • 9. Thirty Three
  • 10. Tzafonah 

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