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ポルトアレグレのジャズ・バンド、マルモタのNEW ALBUM。エルメート・パスコアルからアーロン・パークスのサウンド、アメリカ大陸のバラッドとブラジルのバツカーダ(サンバのリズム)を現代ジャズ的なアプローチで融合した注目のバンド。

■Pedro Moser (guitarra), Leonardo Bittencourt (piano), Bruno Braga (bateria) e André Mendonça (contrabaixo)

André Mendonça (double bass), Leonardo Bittencourt (piano) and Pedro Moser (guitars) are three friends who have always been involved with music. In 2011, after doing a summer program at Berklee College of Music, in Boston, they decided to perform in Porto Alegre, where they hooked up with experienced drummer Bruno Braga. 
Together they created Marmota, a jazz band with influences both in the traditional and in modern improvisational music. They built up a public performing in rock clubs, skater venues, and in places with no tradition in the jazz genre, assembling a mixed audience. Aaron Parks, Ari Hoenig and Tigran Hamasyan are inspirations, as well as Israeli musicians, including Gilad Hekselman, Shai Maestro and the two Avishai Cohen. They also love the classics of the genre, but believe that these references appear more discreetly, diluted in improvisations.
In 2015 they released their first album, Prospecto, which was nominated for 5 Açorianos awards. 
Their new album, A Margem, was recorded live at the Audio Porto studios (with some guitar and keyboard overdubs). Featuring seven original compositions, the album is also released on CD and LP. 
The album shows a cohesive artistic maturity and complexity. The compositions and execution are imbued with a confident energy derived, in part, from the regular gigs in their native city. The future of modern jazz is in very good hands – and this debut release sets a high standard for the Audio Porto label.

Production: Marmota and Rafael Hauck 
Artwork: André Bergamin, Arthur Kolbert
Photography: Raul Krebs
Graphic design: Alice Oliveira
Executive Producer: Rita Masini 
Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering: Rafael Hauck
Technical and Recording Assistant: Pedro Schmitt
Luthier and Assistant: Alex Cheruti
Operational Assistance: Agnaldo Silva, João Everton Silva dos Santos
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Audio Porto studio in July, 2017, Porto Alegre / RS, Brazil
The track Indução contains a clip of Bill Evans' voice (1969)



  • 1. Ar
  • 2. Circling
  • 3. Hades
  • 4. Beyond Borders
  • 5. Aurora
  • 6. Indução
  • 7. O Inevitável Fim de Todas as Coisas

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