●ADONIS PUENTES & THE VOICE OF CUBA ORCHESTRA / DICEN / WARNER / CAN / CD / PM19922 / 0624481199222 / 2,000円+税



コレは強烈!在カナダ、キューバにルーツを持つ今世紀最強のカンタンテ "ADONIS PUENTES" の最新作が登場! 

キューバ出身N.Y.ラテン現役ティンバレス奏者 ORESTES VILATO のソロ作や、SPANISH HARLEM ORCHESTRA の仕掛け人 Oscar Hernandez が率いた MONGORAMA のリードボーカルでも活躍した ADONIS PUENTES の最新作が登場!さて、今回のプロジェクトは THE VOICE OF CUBA ORCHESTRA を率いての新プロジェクトとなりますが、編成に三弦ギター "トレス" がいるのはいかにもキューバっぽくて最高です。
メンバーには、先に話題にのぼった Oscar Hernandez に加え、2017年最重要ラテン・ジャズ・タイトルと呼び声高い『ART OF THE ARRANGEMENT』を発表した Doug Beavers の参加という超贅沢なメンバー!枚数限定での入荷です、お早めに!

Adonis Puentes has deep roots in Cuban culture. The respected, veteran musician has lived in Victoria, B.C. Canada for almost 20 years. As evidenced by his latest recording, Dicen (The Talk), Puentes continues to celebrate his Cuban heritage while expanding his musical and lyrical influences. Produced and arranged by multi Grammy winner Oscar Hernandez of the Spanish Harelm Orchestra along with coproduction and mixing by Jimmy Branley “Dicen” is a landmark achievement for this Cuban singer songwriter."Each song is more than a song," says Puentes. "Each describes a mood, a state of mind. I have rich Cuban cultural roots, but I've also been on a unique journey. Living in English on the peaceful and beautiful West Coast of Canada allows me a lot of quiet concentration. My songwriting reflects this, and on Dicen I explore many facets of love and the life I have lived." Opening with the brilliantly arranged, horn-driven Una Adventura (An Adventure), Puentes explores the joy of living without constraint, of life's adventures and love. The song is framed with a frothy, sexy dance rhythm. Even sexier is the title track, Dicen (The Talk). Dicen's infectious groove propels the lyric's insight as Adonis sings in Spanish "If you come to me talking about him, and about them, for sure when you leave the room, you will talk about me." It's a seductive, sensuous dance track with a smart, powerful message. 
Porque La Luna (Because The Moon) showcases Adonis' sweet, romantic ballad singing backed by one of Oscar Hernandez's most skillful and understated arrangements. Puentes is one of the world's great soneros(Cuban ballad singer) and has grown into a poetic, wise lyricist. 
Adonis created two videos in Havana, Cuba following the aftermath of Hurricane Irma with world renowned video producer Yeandro Tamayo (Leoni Torres) for “Dicen” and “Porque La Luna.” Adonis will be touring the US and Canada in support of the CD throughout 2018. 

Adonis Puentes – vocales
Oscar Hernandez – piano
Rene Camacho – bajo
Jimmy Branly – Drum Kit, Udu Drum, Cajon
Joey De Leon – Congas,Timbales, Bongos, Cow-bell, Maracas, Guiro
Justo Almario – Soprano & Tenor Saxophone, Flute
Leider Chapotin – trompeta
Doug Beavers – trombon
Ramon Stagnaro – guitarras y tres
Cameron Stone – cello

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