●NATIONAL YOUTH JAZZ ORCHESTRA / NYJO FIFTY / Whirlwind Recordings / UK / CD / WR4679 / 5052442006145 / 3,300円+税



■The National Youth Jazz Orchestra
Mark Armstrong, Artistic & Music Director

Guest artists:
Julian Siegel, tenor saxophone
Zoe Rahman, piano
Gareth Lockrane, flute
Mark Nightingale, trombone

Produced by Mark Armstrong and Miles Ashton
Executive Producer for Whirlwind Records, Michael Janisch

Recorded at Air Lyndhurst, London by Miles Ashton
Assistant Engineer: John Prestage
2nd Assistant Engineer: Tom Leach

Edited and Mixed in Temple Music, Sutton, UK, Novotel, Monte Carlo, Monaco and Milestone Productions, Watford, UK.
Mastered by Miles Ashton 


  • Disc One
  • 1. Mama Badgers (Julian Siegel)
  • 2. Dreams Chris Whiter)
  • 3. Wintermute (Kit Downes)
  • 4. Rush Hour (Russel Ferrante/Robben Ford arr. Nick Dewhurst)
  • 5. Sea Master (Tom Walsh)
  • 6. Sub Hub Hubbub (Jason Yarde)
  • 7. No Pão de Açuar (Owen Dawson)
  • 8. Red Squirrel (Zoe Rahman arr. Mark Armstrong)
  • 9. No Man Is An Island (Laura Jurd)
  • Disc Two
  • 1. St. Louis Blues (W.C Handy arr. Mark Armstrong)
  • 2. He’s Just My Bill (Mark Nightingale)
  • 3. Ballad For Loos (Stan Tracey arr. Steve Melling)
  • 4. Lullaby Of Broadway (Harry Warren/Al Dubin arr. Mark Armstrong)
  • 5. My Romance (Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart arr. Callum Au)
  • 6. Never The Twain (Matt Wates)
  • 7. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life (Michel Legrand arr. Mark Armstrong)
  • 8. A Foggy Day (George Gershwin arr. Josh Daniels)
  • 9. Going Dutch (Chris Smith)
  • 10. Finding My Feet (Bill Ashton arr. Paul Hart)

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