●JOHNNY DANKWORTH / Duet For 16 BBC Recordings / VOCALION / UK / CD / 1,700円+税

■Johnny Dankworth (alto sax/leader)
Kenny Wheeler, Bob Carson, Stan Palmer, Derrick Abbott (trumpets), Tony Russell, Danny Elwood, Laurie Monk, Garry Brown or Ken Wray (trombones)
Dickie Hawdon (trumpet/tenor horn); Ron Snyder (tuba); Danny Moss (tenor sax/bass clarinet)
Alex Leslie (baritone sax/clarinet/flute); Derek Smith (piano); Eric Dawson (bass)
Kenny Clare (drums); Dave Lindup (staff arranger)
David Skinner, piano
Børre Frydenlund,gitar/vokal
Svein Aarbostad, bass
Tore Sandbakken, trommer

1. Spoken intro (in French) & Theme – Candy Bar (Dankworth)
2. Don’t be that Way (Sampson; Goodman; Parish) 
3. no title 
4. Carioca (Youmans; Kahn; Eliscu)  
5. no title 
6. New Forest (Lindup)
7. no title 
8. Threesome (Bryant) feat. The Dankworth Seven 
9. no title 
10. Duet for 16 (Dankworth)  
11. no title 
12. Ill Wind (Arlen; Koehler) Johnny Dankworth (alto sax) 
13. no title 
14. Doggin’ Around (Evans; Battle)  
15. no title 
16. When You’re Smiling (Fisher; Goodwin; Shay)  
17. no title 
18. Groovin’ for Nat (Wilkins) 
19. no title 
20. Seven League Boots (Dankworth) feat. The Dankworth Seven 
21. no title 
22. Prince Iwo (Dankworth) 
23. no title 
24. Skeleton in the Bathroom 
25. no title 
26. Square Face (Baker) 
27. no title 
28. The Gypsy in My Soul (Boland; Jaffe)  
29. no title 
30. Two’s Company (Lindup) 
31. notitle
32. Love for Sale (Porter)  
33. no title 
34. We are the Lambeth Boys (Dankworth)  
35. no title 
36. Willow Weep for Me (Ronell)  
37. no title 
38. Royal Ascot (Dankworth)  
39. no title 
40. Theme – Candy Bar (Dankworth) 

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